SVU's Noah Benson Choreographed a Dance to the Show's Theme Song, and Wow, He Nailed It

Law & Order: SVU's record-breaking 21st season is almost here, and Ryan Buggle — the young actor who plays Olivia Benson's son, Noah — is celebrating the historic moment by showing off his dance moves. The 9-year-old star choreographed a short-yet-impressive routine set to the NBC show's iconic opening theme song — y'know, the one that begins with that chilling "dun, dun." Ryan kicks things off with a flawless backflip before a group of young dancers in all-black outfits join in and simultaneously nail some leg extensions. These kids sure know how to break it down!

Hours after Ryan posted the choreographed dance on Instagram, his onscreen mom, Mariska Hargitay, shared some well-deserved praise for his moves. The 55-year-old actress reposted the video on her own account and wrote, "You just won @ryanbuggle this is beyond!!! A. May. Zing can u teach me some of these moves?" She also added a few sweet hashtags, including "#HeLearnedItFromHisMama" and "#ILoveThisKid." Aww, we can't get enough of this TV mother-son duo!