Sam Smith's Dance Moves Are FIRE in His New Video For "How Do You Sleep?"

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Sam Smith just released the video for his new single "How Do You Sleep?" and if you're expecting another tear-jerking ballad from the British singer, you might be surprised. As well as showing off some new moves in the video, Sam's also debuting a slightly new sound, putting his haunting vocals to a more upbeat track that's the modern breakup anthem we all need. Berating a lover for treating him badly, Sam sings, "There's no way I'm sticking around to find out, I won't lose like that, I won't lose myself" as he vogues up a storm with a troupe of shirtless male dancers. It's a powerful, attitude-driven bop that one fan described as "a mashup of Madonna and Lady Gaga." Check out the video for yourself to see if you agree. One thing's for sure: you'll be replicating those sassy dance moves all Summer long.