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Selena Gomez, DJ Snake "Selfish Love" Official Music Video

Selena Gomez Runs a Hellish Hair Salon in the New "Selfish Love" Music Video

If American Horror Story: Freak Show and Disney's Haunted Mansion were mashed together into one, it might look a little something like Selena Gomez's chilling hair salon in the new "Selfish Love" music video featuring DJ Snake. The hauntingly empty salon, decked out in a mishmash of '70s decor, is run by a nearly identical band of sentient portraits bearing Gomez's face. The portraits pull unsuspecting customers into a maze of rooms, turning typical beauty tools into weapons of revenge and destruction.

Paired with the song's lyrics about jealousy and wavering trust, the video is almost certainly a playful metaphor for getting revenge on her exes, and that mustache-shaving scene is the pinnacle of vengeance. "Can I get a haircut?" the final customer, played by DJ Snake, asks before Gomez — wearing an '80s-inspired floral puff-sleeve dress — greets him with a deceptively innocent smile. Watch the full video above to see the fate of anyone who dares step foot in Gomez's hair salon.

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