We Don't Care What You Say, These Are the Sexiest Britney Spears Videos Ever

Nearly two decades before breaking the internet was a thing, Britney Spears's videos were met with countdowns, screaming fans, and, of course, people who were shocked that a sweet girl from Louisiana could be so sexy. Now, as an icon who continues to make videos that set the world ablaze, there are plenty to choose from when creating a top 10 of her sexiest videos of all time. While the world may change, Spears will always continue to slay.

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"Work B**ch"

Starting us off at No. 10 is "Work B**ch," in which Spears schools us on putting in the work to afford a lavish lifestyle.

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The sex scene in this video is so good, it should be, well . . . criminal.

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Spears rolling around naked in a sauna is reason enough "Womanizer" should be on the top 10 list of her sexiest videos.

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"Stronger" proves that Spears doesn't need to be naked to exude sexiness, just some killer dance moves and abs that could cut glass.

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There are three words that put "Toxic" in the top 10: nude crystal bodysuit.

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"I'm a Slave 4 U"

"I'm a Slave 4 U" is iconic, next-level Spears, and her sexual anthem is still hot enough to land a spot in the top five.

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"If U Seek Amy"

The scandalous title isn't the only thing hot about "If U Seek Amy."

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Remember that plunging one-piece?

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"Slumber Party"

Raise your hand if you think "Slumber Party," featuring Tinashe, is one of the sexiest videos of all time.

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"My Prerogative"

Spears has always been sexy, but "My Prerogative" is on another level entirely.