The Absolute Sexiest Music Videos From Rap's Original Queen Bee: Lil' Kim

You can't talk about sexy rap artists without paying homage to the original "Nasty One": the queen of shock, Lil' Kim. Nicki Minaj may be inspired by Princess Diana, but she should also hail Lil' Kim, the original queen of rap. Where would Minaj and Cardi B even be without her?

Even Queen Bey paid homage to the original Queen Bee, dressing up as Lil' Kim for Halloween in 2017. Miley Cyrus also paid homage to the rapper years ago, recreating Lil Kim's iconic fashion moment at the VMAs. If Beyoncé and Cyrus are on board, so are we. In honor of the iconic female rapper, here are Lil' Kim's top 11 sexiest music videos of all time.

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"Took a Break"

Lil' Kim released this black-and-white gem in 2017, showing off that her killer figure hasn't changed since the '90s.

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"The Jump Off" feat. Mr. Cheeks

In this music video, we've got a guest appearance by Mr. Cheeks and plenty of vintage Lil' Kim attitude.

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When it comes to the sexiness of this video, the song's title says it all.

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"Crush on You" feat. Lil' Cease

The Aaliyah cameo makes this one of the sexiest rap videos of all time.

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"Ladies Night" by Angie Martinez, Lil' Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, and Missy Elliott

Another dream team, the music video for this 1996 hit is heavy on the tropical vibes.

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"Get Money" feat. Notorious B.I.G

There's nothing sexier than a woman taking control of her money! This classic video features skintight clothes, giant sunglasses, shirtless men, and bling for days.

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"No Matter What They Say"

With the sexiness of this music video, it truly doesn't matter what any of Lil' Kim's haters have to say. (We're not naming any names . . . )

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"No Time" feat. Puff Daddy

This 1996 video is peak Lil' Kim. It doesn't get more '90s rap than Puff Daddy (not P. Diddy) and extravagant fur coats.

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"Lady Marmalade" feat. Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Pink

This music video exploded onto the scene in 2004, accompanying one of the hottest songs from the early '00s. Plus, it taught everyone the French way to ask someone to bed.

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"How Many Licks?" feat. Sisqo

One of the sexiest music videos by a female artist ever, the heat factor rivals Sisqo's other classic, "The Thong Song."

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"Nasty One"

It's one of the hottest music videos by a female rapper ever. Simply put, you don't know sexy until you've watched this video.