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10 TV Shows Like Squid Game

Still Not Over Squid Game? Here Are 10 Shows That Are Just as Thrilling

10 TV Shows Like Squid Game
Image Source: Netflix

By now, just about everybody has seen Squid Game. The nine-episode series, which has amassed 111 million viewers since its premiere, revolves around 456 debt-ridden people who participate in deadly games for a hefty cash prize. While the battle-royal format has been seen in various media, like the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and the Hunger Games franchise, what makes Squid Game unique is that participants compete in a variety of children's games. From Red Light, Green Light to the dalgona-candy challenge, these once-innocent games from childhood take on a sinister vibe in the show.

If you loved the exhilarating competitive action of Squid Game, there are plenty of shows available on a variety of streaming platforms that are similar to this Netflix original. While some of these shows are straight-up deadly arena battles with a cash prize, others on this list also touch on wealth, poverty, and the complexity of human nature — themes that are prevalent in Squid Game. While you wait to hear whether or not there will be a second season of Squid Game, check out the gallery for 10 equally thrilling shows to watch until then.

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