Buckle Up, Citizens of New Ham: Netflix Has Officially Renewed The Society For Season 2

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If you got caught up in Netflix's intense sci-fi thriller The Society, then we have great news for you: the streaming giant has officially renewed the series for season two! The streaming giant released an adorable video featuring the show's cast, who announced that the sophomore season is coming. The actors also helpfully reminded us of the many mysteries that pop up during the first season that we'll be needing answers for when the second installment of the series returns in 2020.

For those who weren't bitten by The Society bug when the first season premiered on May 10, the series follows a group of teenagers who find themselves mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their Connecticut town with no trace of their parents or loved ones. When they're forced to establish order and make alliances to gain control of their situation, a battle of the wills breaks out, and things quickly take a dangerous turn.

Production for season two will begin later this year, with creator Chris Keyser returning as showrunner and executive producing alongside Marc Webb. The main cast will also return for the second season — and we might even see those we thought were gone for good.