9 Suprising Songs Kesha Has Written For Other Artists

Kesha is an immensely talented singer, but she's also a writing queen. While you may know that she's written a number of her own songs, she's also written a handful that ended up being sung by other artists. It's actually a pretty common practice; Katy Perry has done the same, and even Justin Timberlake has done it! Browse these tracks to see which of your favorite songs were actually products of Kesha's beautiful brain.

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"Till the World Ends" — Britney Spears

This song off Spears's 2011 Femme Fatale album is definitely Kesha's biggest hit — apart from her own songs, of course!

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"The Time of Our Lives" — Miley Cyrus

Before Kesha broke onto the scene as a singer, she cowrote this track for Miley Cyrus in 2009.

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"Windows Down" — Big Time Rush

While "Windows Down" samples Blur's "Song 2," Kesha cowrote this song. It was originally supposed to appear on her second album, Warrior, but she passed it to Big Time Rush.

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"This Love" — The Veronicas

Australian pop duo The Veronicas released this track, one of Kesha's first songs to be recorded, in 2008.

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"Boy Like You" — Charlee

This poppy track was originally intended for Kesha's first album but was handed off to Charlee as the singer's debut single.

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"What Baby Wants" — Alice Cooper

That's right, Kesha has even written for Alice Cooper!

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"Pink Champagne" — Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released this track — written by Kesha — for her fans online.

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"Disgusting" — Miranda Cosgrove

Remember this 2010 gem? It's Kesha's work as well.

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"Run Devil Run" — Girls' Generation

Here's a weird one: South Korean girl group Girls' Generation picked up Kesha's "Run Devil Run" for Oh!, their 2010 album.