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The Squid Game Soundtrack Is Even More Haunting A Cappella

This A Cappella Group's Cover of the Squid Game Soundtrack Will 10/10 Haunt My Dreams

Just like the players in Squid Game, it's easy to become more immersed in the games than you realize, thanks in part to the dystopian drama's chilling soundtrack. If you haven't already had a nightmare involving Johann Strauss II's "The Blue Danube," you might after hearing this a cappella group's haunting cover of the Squid Game soundtrack. In a YouTube video posted on Oct. 1, Korean a cappella group MayTree perfectly re-created some of the most iconic songs from the series using nothing but their voices, and the result is mesmerizing.

As someone who can't even whistle, the sound of the performers falling into perfect harmony is hypnotizing. The group — which consists of lead member S.I. (Jang Sang-in), soprano Erika (Im Soo-yeon), alto Soo (Kang Su-gyeong), tenor Hoony (Kwon Yeong-hoon), and bass Kim Won-jong — sounds so angelic, it's easy to imagine them behind the scenes, humming and chanting into microphones for the show. While MayTree didn't actually have anything to do with the Squid Game soundtrack, there's always hope for a second season.

You can hear the squeak of the violin, the rumble of the trumpet, and picture the moment in your head when Gi-hun and the rest of the contestants realize the price of failure is their lives. Every second of the a cappella performance is spot-on, and I'm tempted to rewatch the series again just for the little chill that runs down my spine every time the guards' theme song starts to play. Listen to MayTree's full cover of the show's soundtrack above, and find out which Squid Game character you are here.

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