All the Pictures From Behind the Scenes of Star Wars: Episode VIII

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! While Mark Hamill has been proving to be the MVP of Star Wars: Episode VIII, director Rian Johnson recently unveiled two new looks at the set. Hamill posted a behind-the-scenes picture of himself and Daisy Ridley re-creating a famous Luke-Yoda moment, but Johnson is actually giving us a look at some set pieces. Take a look to see which cast members have been Instagramming photos, plus what we know about Episode VIII.

Tumblr user Rian Johnson

He also revealed this brief look.

Hamill kicked things off by sharing this picture of his daughter's dog Millie on the set.

Mark "Hamilton" probably had a word with the intern who makes the badges.

Carrie Fisher's famous dog Gary met Millie!

That Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), always the jokester.

Carrie Fisher tweeted out an article about women supporting one another and accompanied it with this shot of Isaac. We accept this clickbait.

John Boyega pumped some serious iron while prepping to take on the role of Finn again.

He got some emotional support from Isaac.

Um, best training day ever?

Meanwhile, director Rian Johnson has been sharing very, very cryptic pictures.

He's been playing "Droid or Technical Equipment" with fans.

This movie is so big that even the royals came to visit!

The worlds are merging.