Whoa — Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights Is Taking Another Stranger Things Twist

Double-check the bear traps and grab your nail-studded baseball bats, because Universal Studios is bringing creatures from the Stranger Things Upside Down to our world — and things are about to get trippy.

For the second year in a row, Netflix's most beloved supernatural thriller will be a part of Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, featuring as the star of the annual spooky spectacular. This time around, the event will return with an all-new haunted house experience that transports you straight back to 1985 Hawkins, IN — but only to the creepiest parts of town, of course.

For over 25 years, Universal Studios has transformed the streets of the park into scare zones and invited guests to take a trip through realistic, movie-quality mazes based on iconic horror shows and movies, and now the Demogorgons that took away our precious Barb will be the star. Heavily inspired by seasons two and three of the show, this year's mazes will pick up where last year's left off, following right along with the storyline and transporting park guests all across Hawkins, from Hopper's cabin to the Starcourt Mall. It basically sounds like being trapped in a creepy (and slimy) parallel universe.

Sure, being a part of the Stranger Things world sounds cool, but have you forgotten the look on Steve's face when he goes to visit Nancy and comes face to face with a Demogorgon being lit on fire in the hallway? Stepping into the Upside Down is some serious business, but those daring enough can feel free to check out the monsters and chilling creatures from the Upside Down for themselves at Universal Studios Orlando Resort beginning Friday, Sept. 6, and at Universal Studios Hollywood beginning Friday, Sept. 13.

Visit the official Halloween Horror Nights site for more details about tickets, and check out the mind-bending sneak peek into the world of the Upside Down ahead.

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