Eleven Risks It All in the Dramatic Final Trailer For Stranger Things Season 3

It's the summer of 1985, and the kids of Hawkins, IN, are more grown up than we've ever seen them — but they've still got unfinished business to handle. The long-awaited trailer for the third season of Stranger Things finally arrived on March 20, and it looks like we're going from the Upside Down to the pinnacles of adolescence: the local mall and neighborhood pool. The trailer gave us our first real look at the Starcourt Mall since the teaser dropped, and from what we see, it looks like not everyone in the town is excited about it and some are protesting its opening.

The new trailer, which is billed as the final look at season three before it premieres in July, pretty much confirms that Billy will be an unwitting host for the Upside Down's ultimate evil. In fact, we seem to hear the voice of the monster as "he" addresses Eleven: "You let us in . . . and now . . . you are going to have to let us stay." Chills.

In addition to that truly horrifying prospect, we get a peek at what Mike, Will, Eleven, and the rest of the gang have been up to since we last saw them escaping the Upside Down, as well as our favorite parents, Hopper and Joyce. Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan are working at The Hawkins Post (still trying to get the story out there?), and Steve and his new coworker Robin are languishing at the Summer job at the mall. And, of course, there's the seriously freaky new monster.

Oh, the teen drama of it all. Check out the latest trailer above before the new eight-episode season debuts on July 4!

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Official Trailer

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"Summer in Hawkins" Season 3 Clip

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