Excited For Justice League? Here’s Why You Need to See Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad hits theaters this weekend, and we honestly can't wait. This DC Comics installment is all about the villains, but there are also a few other comic book characters who steal the show. While Ben Affleck's Batman makes a few appearances throughout the film, there is also a little surprise cameo at the end of the movie — but you have to wait until the credits! We're breaking down everything that happens and, obviously, there are major spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

The Final Scene

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After the Suicide Squad successfully completes their mission, they are rewarded with a few extra privileges in Belle Reve. Not only do they get 10 years off their sentences, but Deadshot (Will Smith) is allowed supervised visits with his daughter and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) gets a fancy espresso machine. As she nonchalantly sips on her cup of joe in her cell, her midafternoon coffee break is cut short when the room erupts into loud bangs and mysterious men in uniforms break in. Just when you think Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has backed out on her promise, one of the men reveals himself to be the Joker (Jared Leto). Turns out, he didn't die in the helicopter explosion and he has returned to rescue his lady. The two escape together, leaving the audience hopeful for a Joker/Harley Quinn spinoff.

The Midcredits Scene

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Before the final credits roll, Waller appears on the screen once more, this time with Bruce Wayne. He agrees to help her cover up the whole mess with the Suicide Squad in return for all of her classified files on the metahuman community. She begrudgingly hands them over, asking what purpose he has for them. As he flips through the documents, images of Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) appear on the pages. He calmly assures her that his new friends will handle things from here on out. And so begins the formation of the Justice League!