I Can Already See This Major Twist Coming in Hot on Grey's Anatomy

If there's anything Grey's Anatomy loves more than a love triangle, it's a love triangle with a twist. Currently, the show's 15th season is going full steam ahead with two, count 'em two, triangles. One has Meredith at the crux, with DeLuca and Link trying to win her heart. And then there's Owen, who impregnated Teddy before adopting a son all by himself, and then fell back into a relationship with Amelia after she helped him get on his feet and also helped him deal with the birth mother, who is a teenager struggling with drug addiction. Whew, that's a mouthful. After this week's episode, it seems to me that the situation is about to get even more complicated. Yes, it's possible.

In the midseason premiere, it all seemed to be pretty clear: yes, Owen had had some wonderful times with Amelia, but Teddy is the one. They've known each other so long! She's having his baby! How could he not pick her?! This week, however, things seemed a bit more uncertain. It's clear Owen is having trouble digesting Teddy's decision to wait so long. Then, at the end of the episode, he reveals he actually wants to try to make it work with Amelia. Shocked, I know.

But wait, that's not all! In the very same moment, we also see Teddy feeling a tiny spark with someone else entirely: the inimitable Tom Koracick, who charmingly feeds her french fries in the break room. It's clear the two already have a bit of chemistry from the start, and it's not hard to see where this might go. Teddy could very well start dating Tom, who in turn may make Owen jealous. Cue the argument in which Owen is the "father," and he gets to say what's right for the baby and doesn't like Tom!

If you're looking for proof to corroborate the theory, look no further than this new report from TVLine. Therein, Kim Raver (who plays Teddy) teases a new "element" to her love triangle situation with Owen and Amelia. "There's an 'other person' element, and it's fun and funny and complicated. It's great because it's quintessential Grey's Anatomy where it's not just one layer. We were just shooting a scene that was so uncomfortable and funny and great and wild." Sure sounds like Tom is going to be the wrench that gets thrown into everything, huh?

But don't think it's all over between Teddy and Owen. I guess that's where the conflict lies. "On the one hand, I think Teddy wants this child and a romantic relationship with Owen. And on the other hand, she absolutely doesn't want to break up Amelia and Owen, out of her respect for Amelia." Oh boy. We can already sense the tension forming. For what it's worth, the internet seems absolutely mixed on the whole affair. Some people dislike Amelia, while others aren't crazy about Teddy. Some think Owen doesn't deserve anyone! Whew, what a mess.