Blackpink's Jennie Inspires a TikTok Challenge With Her Dance From "The Idol"

Whether you like "The Idol" or not, there's no denying that Blackpink's Jennie is a standout. Making her acting debut in the controversial HBO series, the star portrays Dyanne, a talented backup dancer for Lily-Rose Depp's Jocelyn. Just two episodes in, Jennie's character has already inspired a social media challenge that might eclipse the show itself in popularity.

In a dance rehearsal scene during episode one, Dyanne shows Jocelyn how to properly perform a seductive routine for her single "World Class Sinner / I'm a Freak." She hits every strut, hair flip, and booty pop with passion as Jocelyn tearfully watches and the choreographer encouragingly yells, "Lick it! Spank it! Drop it!" Viewers have since turned Dyanne's dance into a TikTok challenge that's gaining traction by the day. Even Troye Sivan, who also appears in "The Idol," has gotten in on the action by mimicking Dyanne's sultry moves at home.

Jennie's past stage performances and music video shoots with Blackpink certainly prepared her for Dyanne's moment in the spotlight. In a behind-the-scenes video shared by HBO, the singer said, "I didn't have a lot of time to learn the choreography for the dance scenes, but thankfully I do this all the time, so it came naturally to me."

Read ahead to check out some of the best Dyanne-inspired dance videos to hit TikTok so far, and tune into "The Idol" on HBO and Max Sunday nights to see Jennie in action on screen.

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