All Your Internet Boyfriends Smolder Through the Action-Packed Trailer For Triple Frontier

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Netflix did us a solid by combining all of our internet boyfriends in one convenient place: Triple Frontier. The star-studded action film features Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Ben Affleck, and Garrett Hedlund — was Rami Malek not available, or what? — and now a new look at what they've been up to while filming shirtless in Hawaii has arrived.

Academy Award nominee J.C. Chandor directs the movie, which follows a group of former Special Forces operatives who reunite in South America to pull off an epic cash heist to cripple one of the world's most violent cartels. Of course, things don't go according to plan (duh), and the men are forced to fight for survival while protecting not only themselves, but their country.

Watch the new trailer above before Triple Frontier starts streaming on March 13.

Trailer 1:

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