25 Tweets About AHS: Cult to Help You Mourn the Loss of Serena Belinda

American Horror Story: Cult has shown us a post-election apocalyptic-like Michigan town, and it's been filled with clowns and chaos. But during episode four, we finally get a look at the events surrounding Election Day and how Kai (Evan Peters) uses the polarizing candidates to recruit cult members. "11/9" had us freaking out over Ivy (Allison Pill) and Winter's (Billie Lourd) relationship, Kai's seductive control over Harrison (Billy Eichner), and of course, the short-but-hilarious presence of newscaster Serena Belinda, played by Emma Roberts. So many moments left us speechless, but thankfully Twitter came through by capturing each and every emotion we felt about the batsh*t crazy episode. Read on to see them all!