22 Memes About Harry Styles and "Watermelon Sugar" That I'm Probably Going to Frame

Summer has been over for quite some time now, but not to Harry Styles. During his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, the Fine Line singer performed his new single, "Watermelon Sugar," which I'd like to retroactively declare the song of the Summer. (Apologies, Lil Nas X.)

It's the type of track that makes me wish I was sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a piña colada, gazing into the eyes of the love of my life (who may or may not be Styles himself). It's making me crave a parfait. (Or maybe even an acai bowl.) I listen to it and somehow I can smell sunscreen. To be honest, I don't even really like watermelon. Now it's my favorite fruit. In short: like pretty much all of Styles's other singles, it's utter perfection.

Obviously — obviously — Harry Styles fans agree. Keep scrolling to see the best memes that have come out of the "Watermelon Sugar" release, and then watch Styles rip off his pants (yes, really).

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