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Harry Styles "Joan Song" SNL Skit Video

Harry Styles Is Woman's Best Friend *and* Boyfriend as a Human Dog in This SNL Skit

Meet Joan: She's a loving pet owner who is also . . . dating her dog? The concept is a little less weird once you see Aidy Bryant's Saturday Night Live skit, I promise. The longtime SNL cast member brought Joan to life for a musical short on Nov. 16, with host Harry Styles as her dog-boyfriend.

Joan finds solace in her partnership with a chihuahua named Doug after her boyfriend, Steve, cheats on her. When Doug miraculously (and terrifyingly) becomes a human man, Joan is thrilled, so much so that even though it's a slightly disturbing concept, you're willing to jump on board. After all, Joan and Doug seem incredibly happy together — even when he's eating her bathroom garbage or hiding from her vacuum cleaner. Don't even worry about the $8,000 worth of medical care he'll need; Doug is worth it. Watch the quirky yet funny skit above.

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