Daryl Dixon Would Definitely Approve of These Badass Walking Dead Tattoos

For the past seven years, millions of fans have tuned in weekly to watch The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. Their unwavering support could also be proven by the massive amount of Instagram photos featuring killer ink inspired by characters and phrases on the show. Scroll through to see 15 epic tattoo ideas that Daryl Dixon would definitely approve of and you'll want to copy them for yourself.

Daryl's Crossbow

Glenn's Watch

Negan's Bat Lucille

Quote From Rick's Speech

Zombie Bite

Enid's Survival Mantra

"Don't Open, Dead Inside" Warning Sign

Bloody Handprint

Daryl's Crossbow and Rick's Sheriff Hat

Enid's Written Manta

Drooling Zombie

Bloody Lucille and a Smashed Skull

Decomposed Zombie