Our Favorite Animated Characters Come to Life in This Adorable Trailer For Pixar IRL

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While Disney is busy creating live-action remakes of their classic films, Pixar is taking a different route and bringing their well-loved characters to the streets. And we're not talking about "the streets" in a Step Up 2 kind of way — we mean the real world! Pixar IRL is the delightful Disney+ series that takes our favorite Pixar characters into the real world for some 3D shenanigans.

The trailer features characters like WALL-E, Dash Parr from The Incredibles, Russell from Up, and even the Monsters Inc. CDA agents picking up a 2319 in their hazmat suits. Much like the costumed characters walking around Disney theme parks, these Pixar players interact with the folks around them completely in character, and as you can see from the footage, people love it.

Watch the charming trailer above and look out for Pixar IRL when it arrives on Disney+ on Nov. 12.