Deadpool 2: Impress Your Friends With This Fun Fact About the Ice Box

So you've just seen Deadpool 2, and you're feeling proud of yourself for catching all of the movie quotes, X-men tie-ins, and cameos littered throughout the film. However, if you couldn't quite put your finger on the significance behind the maximum-security prison for mutants known as the Ice Box, don't be too hard on yourself. While the name originates from a Marvel comic, the mention occurs in only one issue: Maverick Volume 2, Number 8 issued in April 1998.

The Ice Box is located in the Arctic tundra of Canada's Northwest Territories. The remote locale is meant to act as a deterrent for the mutant detainees, and the prison's escapee record reflects as much. The only person to successfully break out of the structure is Sickle, the bodyguard to Russian mafia lord Ivan Pushkin. Sickle is extracted by Ivan's ally, the Confessor, a former KGB operative turned mercenary who uses a pending snowstorm to cover their escape.

Naturally, Deadpool 2 takes quite a few liberties with the source material. The version of the Ice Box that Firefist (aka Russell "Rusty" Collins) and Deadpool briefly occupy exists in a populated area and has the capability to convert into a heavily armored mobile unit. Even still, with Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds both being Canadian, using the name of a comic-book prison based in the Great White North is definitely a cool reference.