Win the Wilderness Comes to Netflix This Week, and We're Clearing Our Schedules

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The reality competition Win the Wilderness, which hits Netflix on April 22, is definitely not your typical reality show. Somewhere between a survival show and an off-the-grid home show, it's not quite like anything you've watched before. If you're thinking of streaming the first season, here's what Win the Wilderness is actually about.

The premise of the show is pretty straightforward: six couples compete to take over a property in the Alaskan wilderness. The backstory and the actual competition, though, are a little more complicated. In the backstory for the competition, we learn about Duane and Rena Ose, a couple who claimed land and built their own home in Alaska starting 35 years ago. They've lived there ever since, 100 miles from the nearest public road and completely "off the grid." But as they've gotten older, they're looking for a new couple to take over the property.

That's where the competition comes in. Six British couples all throw their hats in the ring to be the next couple to take over the Oses's property. First, they're taken to an "activity center" called Lost Lake, which is meant as a controlled test environment for them to prove their wilderness skills while the Oses watch and judge. After that part of the competition, the Oses invite selected couples back to their property in Alaska to interview them further and talk to them about their potential business plans to earn enough money to support the property in the long term. Over the course of the remaining five episodes, the couples who remain are tasked with bigger and bigger wilderness challenges to determine who is the best suited to take over the homestead.

What's interesting about the premise is that it involves all British couples competing to take over an American property. Although it makes sense in some ways, since the show is originally a British BBC production, it does mean that, presumably, the winners will have some extra hurdles to clear in legal terms before they can move in. Still, it's an interesting premise and definitely unlike anything else on TV right now!