According to Google, This Is the Most Popular Christmas Movie

When it comes to declaring the best Christmas movie, some people are likely to have a tough time narrowing it down. After all, few movies are as beloved as the ones you grew up watching while huddled on the couch drinking hot cocoa with your family over the holidays. How can you possibly pick just one? Well, Google has apparently done it for us. Based on search-interest data over the last five years put together by the team at Treetopia, the most popular Christmas movie is . . . A Christmas Story!

Now, before all of you Home Alone and Love Actually fanatics hunt me down with pitchforks and sharpened candy canes, this data doesn't necessarily mean it's the be-all, end-all best. It just means A Christmas Story — which actually performed worse at the box office than most of the other films on the list — is the most popular holiday movie to search come December. Check out the other favorites that made the list below!