A Time-Traveling Rom-Com Is Coming to Netflix Just in Time For Valentine's Day

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A new, original romantic comedy called When We First Met is coming to Netflix just in time for Valentine's Day, and the premise might make your head spin: what if you had one more chance to make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you? What if you had unlimited chances?

When Noah (Pitch Perfect's Adam DeVine) discovers a magical photo booth that sends him back in time by three years, he's able to relive the night he met Avery (Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario) over and over again, attempting to make sparks fly between them. Will it ever work, or are they destined to — dun, dun, dunnn — just be friends?

Admittedly the story sounds pretty similar to 2013's About Time, but since we're currently in a good rom-com drought, we'll take it. When We First Met hits Netflix on Feb. 9, and also stars Robbie Amell, Shelley Hennig, and Andrew Bachelor. Watch the first trailer above!