Check Out the Places Always Be My Maybe Was Filmed — They're Not in San Francisco, Though!

Always Be My Maybe, Netflix's latest romantic comedy offering, has gotten tons of praise for its attention to detail, from its food to its depictions of the Asian-American experience to its honesty about the awkwardness of growing up. One element of the film, though, isn't entirely accurate: the location. While the bulk of the movie takes place in San Francisco, the movie was actually shot, like so many are, in Vancouver. Both exterior and interior shots were filmed at some of Vancouver's prettiest locales, from the streets of the city to several real restaurants standing in for the fictional ones that play into the plot. If you're curious about where the real locations are, we've got you covered. Here are eight of the real-life places where Always Be My Maybe was filmed.



Sasha's Los Angeles restaurant is actually Glowbal, a sleek restaurant in downtown Vancouver.


Joe's Cafe

Following a superawkward dinner with Marcus's hippie girlfriend, Jenny, Marcus and Sasha walk down the street and right past Vancouver's Joe's Cafe, noticeable by its iconic rainbow coffee cup logo.


Biltmore Cabaret

When Hello Peril performs in the movie, they're at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret. However, the exterior shots of the venue actually were filmed in the real San Francisco, outside Trax.


New Town Bakery

When Sasha and Marcus reconnect over dim sum, it's New Town Bakery in Vancouver's Chinatown that stands in for the fictional restaurant Best Luck Dim Sum.



During one sequence, Marcus and Sasha walk and chat through Chinatown. They're actually in Chinatown, just not in San Francisco: they're in Vancouver's Chinatown district instead.



For much of the movie, Sasha is worried about opening her new restaurant, called Saintly Fare, in San Francisco. The beautiful real-life restaurant that stands in for her new place is Nightingale, a popular restaurant by David Hawksworth.


Vancouver Art Gallery

The film's climactic sequence happens at the Food & Wine Awards, which were filmed in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.



Sasha's most personal restaurant, Judy's Way, appears at the end of the film. In real life, it's a restaurant called Autostrada (formerly called Cinara at the time of the movie's filming).