Assumed The Kissing Booth Series Was Filmed in LA? Wrong!

The Kissing Booth 2 has become one of the internet's latest teen obsessions. Like many a sun-drenched soap, such as The O.C. or 90210, the movie is set in an upscale Southern California neighborhood. Featuring ritzy mansions, golden beaches, and even the notorious Hollywood sign, The Kissing Booth and The Kissing Booth 2 gives the impression that its shooting took place entirely in Los Angeles and Boston. Director Vince Marcello, however, shot most of the Netflix teen comedy series in Cape Town, South Africa.

Back in 2017, Joey King, the actress behind Elle, posted a birthday message on her Instagram addressed to costar (and then-boyfriend) Jacob Elordi, confirming their relationship status as well as the filming location. Part of the caption of the now-deleted Instagram post read, "We had the luck of meeting each other on the set of a film we did together in South Africa called The Kissing Booth." King also mentioned shooting in Cape Town in an interview with KTLA. "We shot in Cape Town, South Africa, and it was the best time of my life," the actress gushed. In 2019, she posted a pic with costar Meganne Young (Rachel) celebrating a trip to the theater while filming in Cape Town.

According to IMDb, parts of the shooting schedule did take place in California, like the romantic scene at the Hollywood sign, and Boston, like the landmarks Noah and Elle visit during her weekend trip. When asked, author Beth Reekles also confirmed on Twitter that several scenes were shot in LA at places like the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. That said, you can safely assume that most scenes that show Marco, Elle, Rachel, and Lee frolicking about occurred in South Africa.