That Very Last Moment From the Game of Thrones Episode Has People SHOOK

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

As if Game of Thrones fans' hearts weren't already beating out of their chests as they watched the penultimate episode of season seven, the White Walkers had to turn Viserion into a WHITE WALKER DRAGON. Repeat: the White Walker army now has a DRAGON of their own thanks to the Night King, who shoots Viserion down and emotionally wrecks us all. Afterward, the White Walkers pull the dragon's lifeless body from the water so that the Night King can put his hand on him. Seconds later: BLUE EYES. As in: NOT A GOOD SIGN. As in: holy sh*t, this whole war just got a lot more interesting. Especially because we don't know the answer to one very important, very terrifying question . . . Will the White Walker's dragon breathe fire or ice?