The Bachelor: What to Know About Heather Martin, Who First Appeared on Colton's Season

This week's premiere of The Bachelor gave us enough moments to talk about for days, but it's the preview of what's to come on the season that really shocked us. Not only will there be new additions to the cast midseason, there appears to be a Bachelor franchise alum coming to try her luck with Matt James. The lady in question is Heather Martin, who made her first appearance on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor in 2019. She voluntarily left the season in Week 7 after failing to connect with the lead, but she's all in on Matt. Before she turns up, let's get to know Heather a little bit more!

Additional reporting by Maggie Panos


She's Friends With Fellow Bachelor Alum Tenley Molzahn

Heather notably had one connection to the franchise before she was cast: Tenley, who's been on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise in the past. "So thankful for her and her joyful spirit," Heather wrote of Tenley in her caption.


Her Biggest Bachelor Connection Is to Hannah Brown

ICYMI, Heather is close friends with previous Bachelorette Hannah Brown. This is important because Tyler Cameron appeared on Hannah's season, and as we know, Tyler is best friends and business partners with Matt James!


She's an Influencer and Brand Ambassador

Like so many Bachelor alums before her, Heather has become a brand ambassador. She currently has over 235,000 followers on Instagram and uses her platform to promote products like Athena Club, Princess Polly, and SmartSweets.


She's a Foodie at Heart

Heather said in her (now defunct) Bachelor bio that her dream job is to be a food critic. While she may enjoy freshly picked berries, the many In-N-Out cups featured on her Instagram indicates that she prefers fries and a Double-Double.


She Lives a Faith-Based Life

Heather is open about her Christian faith and has included bible verses in several of her Instagram posts. This might be part of what has attracted her to Matt James, who stressed the importance of his faith during The Bachelor's premiere.


Heather's a Self-Proclaimed Thrill Seeker

Her contestant bio on ABC also noted that she's "a thrill-seeker who enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, and river-rafting." She posts a ton of pictures from the great outdoors; catch her in a river, at the beach, or even getting kisses from a horse.


Heather's Close With Her Family, Which Includes Plenty of Women

Heather has shared multiple photos with her two sisters, who are all spitting images of each other. It's clear that she's part of a tight-knit family.


She Likes Country Music

Heather has attended festivals including the Big Country Bash and Stagecoach, so it looks like she's got a soft spot for country tunes.


She's Really, Really Into Coke

Heather loves a good, old-fashioned Coca-Cola. She can often be seen Coke-in-hand, proving that might be her ultimate brand partnership goal.