We Finally Know Who Killed Andrea Cornish

The Night Of's compelling pilot left everyone with one big question: did Nasir Khan kill Andrea Cornish? For a grueling eight episodes, the show danced around the answer by presenting viewers with evidence that could prove both his guilt and his innocence. Several other suspects were also tossed into the mix to further complicate the case. But at long last, thanks to the finale, we know who killed Andrea — and it wasn't Naz.

While viewers don't get to see Andrea's killer confess or get thrown behind bars, all signs point to — drumroll, please — Raymond Halle. Ray, Andrea's (and previously her mother's) financial adviser, is briefly introduced at Andrea's funeral, where he gets into an argument with her stepfather, Don Taylor. Lawyer John Stone later questions Ray, who shifts the blame to Don with convincing statements about Don's threats and claims that Andrea told him Don would take her money "over [her] dead body."


No one gives Ray much of a second thought until Detective Box, unable to bask in his retirement with the case still up in the air, digs deeper for more on Andrea's killer. Fishy phone records that indicate a number continuously trying to reach Andrea ultimately lead Box to Ray, whom he confronts at a casino with the following incriminating evidence:

  • Box and Ray had actually met before, after a shooting at a strip club. Ray was the victim, shot by a pimp after he became violent with one of his prostitutes. This displays that Ray has aggressive tendencies.
  • Ray has a gambling problem, which led him to take $300,000 from Andrea's account — either with or without her knowledge, we can't be sure. His habit may have led to an argument with Andrea on the night of her murder, and the fight was caught on security cameras. Andrea walks away, and is seen cautiously looking over her shoulder before getting into Naz's cab.
  • Ray and Andrea were in a romantic relationship, supported by a photo of the two of them cozying up together. Box also says Ray's semen was found in her bedroom. Although he may be stretching the truth to get to Ray, the panic in Ray's eyes gives him away.
  • Although Ray insists he went home after his argument with Andrea, Box says cell phone tower pings prove otherwise. He also has shots of Ray suspiciously paying a toll with cash despite having an E-ZPass, and later pulling into Andrea's neighborhood at the time of the murder.

Box confidently presents his findings to state DA Helen Weiss. However, she merely replies that she has more evidence against Naz. Box's theory clearly strikes a chord with her though; when the jury is excused for being unable to settle on a verdict, she doesn't agree to a retrial. Then, she requests Box's assistance to catch Ray. While it would have been extra satisfying to see them lock him up or get a clear confession out of him, we're just happy that we finally have answers.