The Young Actor Who Plays Ashtray on Euphoria Is Just as Tough as His Character

Since the pilot episode, Euphoria fans have been obsessed with the show's kind-hearted drug dealer Fezco and his little bro Ashtray, played by Javon "Wanna" Walton. Part of Fezco's appeal is that he actually cares about his clients and has a soft spot for Rue, whom he refers to as his little sister. Now viewers are just as obsessed (if not more so) with Ashtray, a tattooed youngster. Though he's sometimes found eating sugary cereals and watching cartoons, he's better known for counting cash, handing out pills, and firing off more expletives than any middle schooler should know. As disturbing as his character is, you have to admit that Ashtray is pretty adorable.

As it turns out, the actor who plays the pint-sized dealer is just as tough as his character. Walton is a 12-year-old boxing champion and gymnast from Georgia. As he explained in an episode of No Days Off, in which he is featured, he got his nickname due to the fact that — since a young age — he's always wanted to do everything. Though he's already competed in the Junior Olympics, his greatest accomplishment to date might just be starring in an Under Armour commercial with Dwayne Johnson (and throwing The Rock some major shade). Those face tattoos, however, are totally fake — Walton gets those etched on with marker on set.

Ashtray may be Walton's breakout role, but it won't be the last place you see the athlete and actor onscreen. Walton is also set to appear in the forthcoming Amazon drama series Utopia, which has been adapted by author Gillian Flynn from the British original. Utopia follows the story of four young adults who get their hands on an underground cult graphic novel full of conspiracy theories (and lots of potential danger). In the series, Walton stars as Grant, a street-savvy kid from the Kansas City projects who was raised by an alcoholic single mother. One thing is for sure: if Grant is anything like Ashtray, then we're going to love him.