No, That's Not Joe Alwyn Speaking on Taylor Swift's "London Boy" — It's Idris Elba!

One of the more surprising discoveries to come out about Taylor Swift's newly released seventh album, Lover? Idris Elba is on a track! To kick off "London Boy," Swift sourced a clip of Elba describing a typical date for him in a 2017 interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden. In it, he says, "We can go driving on my scooter, you know? Just around London."

Some listeners initially thought it might've been Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn speaking in the clip, but that might've just been a bit of wishful thinking, as it's worth noting that he sounds nothing like Elba. That being said, we think it's safe to assume that Alwyn is the "London Boy" she's singing about in the sweet song.

To see Elba actually singing with Swift, you won't have to wait long: the two are starring in the Cats screen adaptation out on Christmas. (Although you might want to be careful what you wish for.) Listen to "London Boy" ahead, then check out the original late-night clip used in the track.

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Listen to Taylor Swift's "London Boy"

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The Origin of the "London Boy" Idris Elba Sample