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Will There Be Sex Education Season 3 on Netflix?

Netflix Confirms We'll Be Heading Back to Moordale High For Sex Education Season 3

Netflix has announced that Sex Education is coming back for a third season! The show's second season dropped in January and was an instant success, praised for its frank portrayal of adolescence and modern sexuality. But, it also left us with even more questions than we started the season with. Will Maeve and Otis end up together? What will happen next with Eric and Adam's romance? Well, it looks like we'll definitely find out.

In the announcement video released on Feb. 10, Alistair Petrie (Principal Groth) plays an art historian, walking the art-lined halls of Moordale High. As he wanders through the artworks (which are all creative photos of the show's characters), he explains each one, finishing on a photo of Eric and Adam's characters. "Eric and Adam, I wonder what is in store for these two cherubs," Petrie says. "Well, I suppose you'll have to find out in season three . . . won't you?"

There's no word yet on when Sex Education's third season will hit Netflix, although it has been confirmed that production will take place in 2020. If the first two seasons are any indication, it'll likely be at the beginning of 2021.

Image Source: Netflix
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