"Yellowjackets" Finally Goes *There* in the Latest Episode

"Yellowjackets" has broadcast where the characters' journeys are heading since the very first episode. Viewers initially meet the titular Yellowjackets team after their plane crashes in the woods, eventually forcing them to resort to cannibalism. And not just any cannibalism: it's some sort of ritualized event they take part in, complete with costumes and masks and the Antler Queen (who we later learn is Lottie). The very first moments of the series show a girl being chased through the forest. She falls into a pit, trapped, and the survivors eat her.

With season two finally here, fans are still wondering who the girl in the pit is and who's the first survivor who will be eaten. Amid all this, the cast and crew of the series have stressed that cannibalism isn't the only messed-up thing that's going to happen in the show. "If we do our job right, the eating of a person will not be the most transgressive thing that these young women do in the wilderness. That's just the tip of the iceberg," "Yellowjackets" co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco told Entertainment Weekly on March 2. (Though don't worry: the Yellowjackets are not going to eat Shauna's baby.)

At the start of season two, the girls (plus Travis, Coach Ben, and Javi, if he's alive out there) face a hunger crisis brought on by winter. In episode two, released on streaming March 31, they finally do resort to cannibalism — which they don't initially plan on — and they end up eating Jackie, who froze to death at the end of season one. We're breaking down the show's cannibalism ahead.

How Do the Yellowjackets Eat Jackie?

Jackie froze to death in the season one finale, and the Yellowjackets have basically kept her outside, frozen, since then. Shauna visits her in their makeshift meat locker, hallucinating Jackie's ghost talking to her. In the first episode of the new season, her ear falls off and Shauna eats it. The ghost also starts to tell Shauna she should eat her, and Shauna hallucinates Jackie cutting her own arm (but of course it's Shauna doing it). Shauna also puts makeup on Jackie as she tries to bond with her dead best friend.

Taissa finds Jackie, covered in makeup, and absolutely freaks out. She decides they need to build a funeral pyre and cremate Jackie right then. Shauna is upset, but they set it up, light it, and go inside the cabin. That's when things go off course.

Some of the snow from the trees falls on Jackie's body while the pyre is burning (it's while Travis and Nat are having sex and Travis is hallucinating Lottie with them, which you might believe is a coincidence, or not). The snow basically traps the heat and adds moisture, so instead of Jackie's body burning, it steams and cooks. The smell of it wakes everyone up, and the Yellowjackets (and Coach Ben) head outside. The group decide that Jackie would want them to eat her, especially Shauna and the baby, and they dig in. Horrified, Coach Ben rushes back inside the cabin and is the only one of the group to not eat Jackie.

As we know from the flashbacks to the girl in the pit in the pilot, the team's cannibalism will eventually because more ritualistic, but this is how it all starts.

What Have the Adult Yellowjackets Said About the Cannibalism?

In the present-day timeline, Misty, Taissa, Nat, and Shauna haven't explicitly talked about cannibalism. However, when Shauna kills Adam and calls on the other girls to help her cover it up at the end of season one, Misty orders her to cut his body into pieces. Shauna and her friends can't help but joke about how this isn't her first time doing this, seemingly a dark joke about their history of cannibalism.

Who Is the Girl in the Pit?

We still don't know the identity of the girl in the pit in the first episode. Based on who's still around in the present day, it seems most likely that figure will be one of the Yellowjackets who aren't a main character: Crystal, Mari, Gen, or Melissa, who all have long black hair. The pit girl is wearing Jackie's necklace, but it's not clear how she got it.

New episodes of "Yellowjackets" premiere Fridays on streaming and Sundays on Showtime.