Joe, Is That You? Fans Spot a Possible Photo Mistake in You Season 3

Um, are we seeing this correctly? Does Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) have a doppelgänger? Following the Oct. 15 premiere of season three of You, a video from TikTok user @annabellleryan has been making the rounds pointing out a possible photo mistake in one of the scenes. The clip shows Love (Victoria Pedretti) looking at her phone and the TikTok fan noticed how Joe's contact photo doesn't quite look like him. "IM LOSING MY MIND????WHO IS THAT?????? ITS JOEY SILVERBERG," @annabellleryan captioned the video. Hmmm . . . looks like Netflix has some explaining to do.

Neither Badgley nor Netflix have publicly commented on the potential mistake, however, it's worth noting that the actor does use a stand-in named Danny Watters for his voiceovers on the show, so maybe that was his photo? Either way, we don't see why Netflix couldn't have just used a photo of the real Joe. What was the reason for this? We need answers.