Skin-to-Skin Newborn Photo Shoot Featuring 2 Sets of Twins Has a Hysterical Backstory

Photographer Juliet Cannici and her wife, Nikki, had just welcomed their second set of twins into the fold back in early 2017, and Gemma and Gia's newborn photo shoot has a hilarious backstory thanks to their older brother and sister, Nico and Siena. Although the sweet skin-to-skin photos seem intentional considering newborns are often photographed in their birthday suits, the reason all four children bared skin was due to such a typical toddler response to getting photos taken — the fancy rented clothes they wore at the start of the shoot were just were not cutting it.

Juliet explained the circumstances surrounding the cute photo — which features Nico and Siena holding hands, each cuddling up to one of their baby sisters — to POPSUGAR.

"About an hour before that photo, I had the older twins dressed up in adorable outfits I rented from Rainey's Closet (a really incredible children's boutique that rents clothing for a short period — awesome for photographers). I was so set on capturing Nico and Siena holding the babies in the outfits I had rented. Nico and Siena were SO bored with me, the photos looked terrible. The babies just sagged lower and lower until they were practically on the ground instead of in their arms. I was disappointed.

You should've heard me and my bribery tactics: 'Do you want M&Ms? Jelly beans! I'll give you four jelly beans each! What do you mean you don't like jelly beans? They are your favorite!' It was not my finest parenting moment."

Juliet took the twins' rental clothes off so they could take a break and play for a bit, then she brought them back in to try to get one good shot of them all laying down — that's when the magic happened. "They immediately held hands and wrapped their other arms around their baby sisters. I got their big smiles by asking them to 'act goofy,' which they recently decided is just a hilarious saying."

The shoot was taken when Gemma and Gia were just 11 days old, and Juliet says Nico and Siena's smiles are totally genuine as "they are in love with their baby sisters." Scroll through to see the sweet photos of both sets of adorable twins.