We Cannot Get Over the "Mini Prom" a 7-Year-Old Threw For the High Schooler Who Babysits Him

When 17-year-old Rachel Chapman found out Sanderson High School's prom was canceled, she was understandably crushed. Fortunately, Curtis Rogers — the 7-year-old whom she's been nannying for over a year — had a sweet surprise in mind. In the hopes of cheering her up, Curtis planned and staged a mini prom celebration, and the photos will make you smile.

"Tonight Curtis hosted a 'Mini-Prom' for Rachel, our amazing nanny whose Senior Prom was canceled," Elissa, Curtis's mom, captioned a series of Facebook photos showing off her son's work. "He planned almost everything including the promposal, the fancy table to eat at, the 3 course menu, and the playlist of their favorite songs. It wasn't the prom any of us expected but it was an incredible night."

"It wasn't the prom any of us expected but it was an incredible night."

When Rachel saw all the thought Curtis put into his plans, she was extremely moved. "I was very surprised and thought it was so thoughtful!" Rachel told POPSUGAR. "It meant a lot that he picked out all my favorite things and put a lot of effort into it. I'll definitely remember this prom forever."

Ahead, check out photos of the incredible night Curtis planned for Rachel — from the initial promposal to her gorgeous purple dress to the pool noodle they used to properly social distance!