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If Adults Told Jokes Like Kids

Any Parent Who Has Ever Listened to Their Child Tell a Joke Needs to Watch This

As a constant recipient of the punchline, "Chicken face!" in response to the question, "Guess what?" I can appreciate a good kid joke when I hear one (trying to explain that the correct punchline is actually "chicken butt" fell by the wayside years ago) — so naturally, watching a grown woman tell a joke the way a kid would cracked me up.

The ladies from the BreakWomb — who make us laugh often with their kid impressions and parenting satire — have us in hysterics again with this video of a long-winded, nonsensical kid joke about three chickens who walk into a farm. As with any kid joke, the punchline seems like it will never come and the plot gets permanently lost in their ramblings, but from beginning to end, everything about it is hilarious (which either makes the child comedian beam with pride or scream, "I'm not finished telling it yet!).

Watch the video to hear how the joke plays out, and let us know what your kiddos think of the punchline!

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