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Best European Vacations to Take With Kids

12 of the Best European Vacations to Take With Toddlers

Best European Vacations to Take With Kids
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When you have kids, your dreams of traveling the world, seeing exotic places, and tasting different foods can sometimes be narrowed down to Disney World, the nearest water park, and your kids' leftover PB&J. While those trips are just as fun, you might still have a European bucket list you long to complete. The exquisite works of art, cobblestone streets, and 9 p.m. dinners seem best suited for a romantic getaway, but there are actually tons of places across the pond that are ideal for the whole family. And best of all: these adventures don't need to break the bank. Yes, plane ticket to Europe can be pricey, but toddlers can sit on a parent or caregiver's lap (only paying tax; usually about 10 percent of the full ticket price) until the age of 2. In addition, certain airlines, like Scandinavian Airlines, have child tickets that are less expensive than a full price ticket.

Of course, when you travel with tots, you may need to readjust your expectations about what a Euro vacation means — au revoir, late night glass of Champagne at a romantic cafe (unless, of course, you book a babysitter), and hello, splash pads, playgrounds, and hunting down the best picnic spots in town. But the following destinations have something for everyone in the family. There's history, romance, and adventure for you, with enough play space and activities to delight your kids. Keep reading for 12 of the best European destinations for traveling with toddlers.

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