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Breastfeeding Gingerbread Cookie

With Leaking, Engorged Boobs, 1 Gingerbread Cookie Totally Gets Breastfeeding Moms

From the genius nursing ugly Christmas sweater to a pumping Elf on the Shelf, breastfeeding moms have gotten in on the holiday spirit with some boob humor that all moms can relate to.

Crystal Arnold is the latest mom bringing smiles to other mamas across the internet after sharing the masterpiece she created while baking holiday cookies with her little girl: an epic gingerbread mom. This clever nursing cookie is pretty realistic as she's complete with leaking and engorged boobs. Just like many nursing moms, the cookie is proud of the milk she pumped and is excited to show off her accomplishment. You don't have to be a fan of milk and cookies to be obsessed with this hilarious holiday treat!

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