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CDC Zika Travel Warnings For Pregnant Women

The Latest Place Pregnant Women Are Being Told to Avoid ASAP

Pregnant women and their significant others have officially been advised to stay away from a community north of downtown Miami where the number of confirmed Zika cases is actively rising.

The Centers for Disease Control made this unprecedented travel warning after 10 additional people, bringing the total to 14, have been infected with the virus from local mosquitoes. According to the CDC's director, Dr. Tom Frieden, this is the first time Americans have been advised not to travel to an area within the United States out of concern of contracting an infectious disease.

"We wish we had all the answers, but the fact is this is a new phenomenon," Frieden said during a news conference. "We continue to learn each day about Zika."


For couples who are pregnant or trying to conceive and live near the active transmission area, the CDC recommends that both males and females use protective clothing and repellent to protect themselves against mosquito bites. They also warn that these couples should use sexual protection for the rest of the pregnancy.

The CDC is also advising any pregnant women who live locally or who have traveled to that area to be tested both during their first and second trimester — even if they're showing no symptoms. These couples should also partake in only safe sex through the length of their pregnancy.

For those who are trying to conceive but have visited the affected area, the CDC advises that they wait at least eight weeks after they return. Men with symptoms should postpone trying for at least six months.

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