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Chip and Joanna Gaines's Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Chip Gaines Shares His Secret to a Successful Marriage, and It's Incredibly Honest

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known by HGTV fans for their impeccable home renovation skills and hilariously loving dynamic. But after deciding to end Fixer Upper after this final fifth season, Chip is opening up about their move to focus on family and end the series. In a recent interview with Success magazine, he got real about their relationship and just how normal the couple we've associated with #goals really is.

"Obviously Jo and I as a couple, we just don't want to redline," Chip said. "You know, we don't want to run so hard after some dream or some goal only to find out that we've neglected the thing that means the very most to us, which is our marriage and our relationship."

Aw! But don't fret — their marriage is as strong as ever; Chip and Joanna just want to make sure it stays that way and that they are there for their four kids, as their oldest soon enters his teens. For years, we've watched the couple in awe, and it's awesome to see that they are just as happy off screen as they are on the show, but just like any marriage, it takes work.

"People ask all the time, 'How do y'all have such a great marriage, and what's the secret?'" Chip said. "There's no secret. It's hard work. Jo and I have struggles and fighting and arguments just like anybody else. This isn't like we got lucky and hit the lottery and the two perfect people fell in love." Well, to us, they definitely hit the lottery!

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