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Dad Creates Funny Pokemon Go Chore Chart For Kids

This Dad Just Figured Out a Genius Way to Use Pokémon Go to His Advantage

Since Pokémon Go's release a few weeks ago, we've seen the world go crazy for it — especially our kids. However, the funniest things to come out of the craze so far — in our humble opinions — are the parent-made spoofs of the game. One mom shared a hysterical Facebook Live video of her spoof, "Chardonnay Go," and now Seth Jay King is sharing his genuis creation: "Chorékémon Now!" The game encourages his kids to be Master Chorékémon Trainers who have "caught" all of the chores around the house.

See the photo of the "rules" of the game above, and bow down to praise this hilarious dad who just graciously shared his million-dollar idea with the parenting world. Can we get an app developer to work with him?!

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