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Dad Edits Mom's Baby Care Instructions

What This Dad Just Did to the List of Instructions His Wife Left Him Will Leave You Rolling on the Floor

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Whenever I have to leave my family — for a week-long business trip or just a weekend away — I always, always print off a carefully crafted set of instructions on how to keep the baby alive.

Sure, my husband has been at this whole parenting thing as long as I have (though I do like to think that those nine months our tot was in utero gave me an edge), but do I trust him alone with my favorite person in the world overnight? Not a chance.

So, when another mom's list of instructions made its way to Reddit, my first thought was, "It's only one page!"


My second thought: "Who the hell does this dad think he is?!"

Little Jacob's dad took it upon himself to "edit" his wife's reminders. In doing so, he judged her capitalization skills, confessed to killing the pet fish, and ceaselessly referenced video games when video games had no reason to be referenced.

As someone who painstakingly writes such careful dos and don'ts for my coparenting partner in vain (I'm certain he "glosses over them," at best), I was offended on this woman's behalf . . . until I realized that this dad actually read her instructions! Sure, he mocked and destroyed them with a ballpoint pen, but he read them! He really read them!

If you're anything like me, you'll feel for this woman. But you'll also roll on the floor laughing at that FAQ addendum.

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