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Dominique Dawes Miscarriage Experience

Olympian Opens Up About Accepting Her Heartbreaking Miscarriage Experience

As an Olympic gold medalist, Dominique Dawes is used to persevering through tough times while staying focused on her end goal. But after suffering a miscarriage, this athlete is sharing with other moms that this pain is more intense than any training and that most people don't realize exactly what someone in this situation goes through because they often suffer in silence.

In a heart-wrenching Facebook post, Dominique explained that acknowledging the fact that she lost a child in utero is the hardest thing she's ever been through. "I was in complete denial and ashamed . . . I've been holding onto hope that there is still a fighting chance that this isn't true, but I'm facing the certain reality that it is the hard truth," she wrote. "I know so many women out there have been through this, but it doesn't make it easier."

Although some may not think about the stages between finding out that your baby no longer has a heartbeat and actually miscarrying, Dominique made the truth of the situation devastatingly clear. "Being told that I will miscarry is one thing, but actually going through the process naturally was a whole different roller coaster of emotions, which took a physical toll on me," she wrote in separate heartbreaking Facebook post. "For some reason I was still holding onto hope again that there was a baby with a strong beating heartbeat inside me. Denial . . . hope . . . call it what you may."


When she returned from a trip a few weeks after learning of her "impending miscarriage," Dominique felt that it had officially began and was eventually rushed to the hospital. "I'm typically not one to ask for help, but as I struggled to catch my balance as I was taking care of my daughters, I knew I needed to go to my neighbors ASAP," she wrote.

After an ultrasound, Dominique learned that her body had nearly completed the miscarriage and that she would not need a D&C (dilation and curettage). "I know this is TMI — but I want women out there to be aware that there is no exact science to all this, and always ask as many questions as possible," she wrote.

Dominique is still working to accept that this is her reality as she waits for her body to fully complete the miscarriage. "It still hurts. But, having God, a loving husband (who has totally stepped up and cleans the dishes every night now), and my two most precious and prized gifts — my two baby girls to comfort me and stand with me through these tough days," she wrote. "Knowing the reality and accepting this miscarriage has brought me to a better place. At first I was ashamed and blamed myself, like I did something wrong. Now I'm looking forward with hope for the future!"

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