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Gifts For People With Big Families

3 Ways to Navigate Christmas Gifts When You Have a Big Family — Without Going Totally Broke

Having a huge family has so many perks, especially when it comes to squeezing in some quality time around the holiday season. And while getting together with your loved ones certainly puts a smile on your face, shelling out cash for every single person's present probably doesn't. So if you're ready to have the best holiday ever without taking out a second mortgage, try one of these money-saving strategies.

1. Do a grab bag. When it comes to planning your holiday party, doing a grab bag is a smart strategy because everyone walks away with a gift and it's fun. All you do is draw numbers out of a hat and go from there. The tricky part? Breaking it up into manageable groups. Some families have separate ones for little kids and adults — but that can get a bit murky depending on how many people are in your gang. A good rule of thumb is to have people 21 and older play in one game and everyone else in another (because no 7-year-old wants booze). From there, simply set a price limit; $25 is a great option if you can swing it.

2. Opt for Secret Santa. If you're into the whole grab-bag thing but want to add a personal touch, think about taking a Secret Santa approach. Simply pick a random name, and start shopping for that special someone.

3. Stick with stocking stuffers. Looking to scale back in the price department when it comes to nieces, nephews, or little cousins? You can't go wrong with filling a store-bought stocking with reasonably priced goodies. This option is great for little kids, since they still get to unwrap (or unpack) a ton of loot.

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