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Letting Kids Open 1 Gift on Christmas Eve

Get Your Kids Off Your Back This Christmas Eve With This Brilliant Strategy For Opening Gifts

The thought of Santa shimmying down the chimney to deliver a boatload of gifts is enough to make anyone — believer or not — excited. And if your kiddos are anything like ours, patience goes right out the window on Christmas Eve, thanks to the small pile of gifts from family and friends already sitting under the tree before Santa has even made his rounds. Although we don't want to give into our mini mes too much, there's nothing wrong with the occasional compromise here and there — especially during the holiday season.

The best way to get your kids to stop begging to open their presents early? By giving them exactly what they want . . . in moderation.

Turn Christmas Eve in your favor once and for all by letting your kids open one single present (of your choosing, of course!) before bedtime. The best way to ensure they're entertained for the hours leading up to the big day (and even the morning of, pre-gift opening) is by letting them open one gift that actually does something. Need some options? Have them unwrap a game, puzzle, or even that Barbie they've been pining over for few weeks. While it's temping to offer them a pair of cozy new socks or a matching PJ set to wear in the family Christmas photo, we all know that tradition probably won't keep them quiet for long.

Here's to starting a new tradition this year (and staving off arguments!).

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