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Having a Girl After Two Boys

I Never Knew How Much I Wanted a Girl — Until I Finally Got One

I'd always pictured myself as a "boy mom." And after the birth of my first two sons, it would appear I was going to be just that. I loved having boys and honestly didn't feel like I was missing anything without another girl in the house. When I became pregnant with my third child, I — along with pretty much everyone else — assumed it would be another boy, which in my mind would just be my destiny fulfilled (and also a little bit funny!).

As the 20-week ultrasound grew closer, I gravitated longingly toward the baby girl clothes at Nordstrom, assuming I'd never get to buy those adorable little rompers and floral dresses with ruffled bloomers. At a wedding weeks before, I cried during the especially sweet father-daughter dance, assuming that my husband would never get to have that moment. I browsed potential nursery decor online and quickly closed out tabs when I realized I'd most likely be reusing the same robot crib sheets and navy blankets I'd saved from my sons.

But beyond the excitement that I assumed would come with having a girl — buying new things, mostly — I didn't really feel like I needed one. In fact, I was even a little excited about the prospect of offloading all the boys onto my husband for baseball games and "boy" outings while I enjoyed getting my nails done or shopping solo in the future.


But then I didn't see what I'd come to easily recognize as boy parts on the ultrasound. And the tech confirmed it was a girl! WHAT?! It was a girl. I was shocked! I hadn't let myself consider that it might actually be a girl, so I was truly a little confused. People were expecting me to be as ecstatic as they were when I told them the news, but it took a few weeks for the news to really sink in.

But now, as we await her arrival, it's safe to say I've gotten to that point. So far it's been all about buying the adorable dresses, blankets, and decor (give me all the pink!), but my excitement for a girl goes beyond that.

I'm thrilled that my boys will grow up with a little sister in the house to (hopefully) balance their wild energy and give them better perspective on the opposite sex. I can't wait for my husband to have that heart-melting daddy-daughter relationship that everyone gushes about. I'm giddy at the idea of saving my jewelry and handbags to give to her one day.

And while, yes, I've been told that raising girls can be even tougher than boys, I look forward to one day being the mom, friend, and confidant to my own daughter that my mom is to me.

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