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Hilary Duff Mom Shamed For Piercing Her Daughter's Ears

The Internet Came For Hilary Duff After She Pierced Her Daughter's Ears, Because of Course It Did

Internet trolls take no prisoners when it comes to mom-shaming, and Hilary Duff is their most recent victim. The 31-year-old actress and mom of two recently shared a sweet photo of her with her 8-month-old daughter Banks, and naturally, people commented on the fact that she has her ears pierced.

"Just wondering how she gave you consent to pierce her ears?" asked one of her followers, adding that she planned to "unfollow" the Younger star. Another mom chimed in saying, "I can't fathom why you would think it's okay to have your daughter's ears pierced. Causing her a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort." A third person agreed that Hilary should've let Banks make the choice for herself: "Shame on you to pierce your baby! We're not in the Middle Ages," she wrote. "Let her choose what she wants to do with her body once she's grown up!!! This is just so silly to make a baby a jewelry display."

Still, a slew of fans came to Hilary's defense. "Some of you have way too much time on your hands," wrote one woman. Another person agreed that there are far more important things to be outraged over. "Girl!!!!! People are just reaching!" she said. "I pierced my daughter's ears in the hospital where she was born same day and my mother did the same to me . . . Anyway, congrats on your blessing, beautiful!!"

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