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How to Talk to Your Son About Sexual Assault

This Is How to Talk to Your Son About Sexual Assault, According to an Expert

How to Talk to Your Son About Sexual Assault

Ever since the #MeToo movement started, the discussion around consent and sexual assault has been on our collective minds. And with Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court after being accused of sexual assault and misconduct by three different women, it's clear that how we, as a society, deal with the issue has a very long way to go. While many of my friends with daughters have been proactive about teaching their children to stand up for their bodily autonomy and talking about private parts, boys aren't always given quite the same message. Knowing how to talk to our sons about sexual consent, heartbreaking current events, and respecting bodies in an age-appropriate way can feel tricky.

"These conversations don't have to be scary and can even be quite relaxed," Amanda Atkins, a licensed marriage and family therapist, told POPSUGAR. "The sooner you introduce your child to the idea of body safety and consent, the more comfortable he will be with the topic. Remember that our kids are looking to us to gauge how they should react to certain subjects — if you feel uncomfortable talking about sexual abuse, your son will take notice."

For tips and phrases to use to teach your son in particular about sexual assault, keep reading.

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